Cat Power reveals near-death experience following the release of ‘Sun’

The singer says she came close to dying in 2012

Cat Power has revealed that she nearly died in 2012, following the release of her last album, ‘Sun’.

Speaking to The Guardian, she explained that he was hospitalised with a stress-induced and potentially fatal swelling in the body. “The day after ‘Sun’ came out I was in hospital with angioedema. They told me they were going to put me in a coma to save my lungs. My friend came to visit and told me I’d made the Billboard Top 10 and all I could think was, ‘I don’t want to die.'”

In the same interview, the singer – real name Chan Marshall – told of how Patti Smith gave her “life-saving” advice. “She told me: ‘It’s your responsibility as an artist to stand up if you believe in something.’ I was overwhelmed by that. At the time I was just trying to keep myself alive and stop myself jumping out of windows,” she said.

Cat Power plays Brighton Dome on May 18 as part of the Brighton Festival.

Cat Power recently joined forces with Chris Martin to record a song for a new film by actor/director Zach Braff. Written by the Coldplay frontman and with Cat Power on lead vocals, the song takes its name from the title of the film, Wish I Was Here. The soundtrack is also set to include new, original songs from artists including The Shins and Bon Iver. Best known as star of sitcom Scrubs, Braff directed the 2004 film Garden State, which is credited with bringing The Shins to a wider audience via its Grammy-winning soundtrack.

Braff, who stars in the film as Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor who reluctantly agrees to home-school his father’s two young sons, appealed for the money to make the movie from fans on Kickstarter, a campaign that attracted controversy when it emerged that the project will also receive funding from a New York film company and Braff himself.