The former Catatonia singer records the theme song to a new Welsh-language children's TV series...

CERYS MATTHEWS has been back in the studio, recording the theme song to a new Welsh-language children’s TV series.

Welsh station S4C has commissioned the former Catatonia singer to record the theme to ‘Sali Mali’, a pre-school cartoon series about a little girl and her bird friend, Jac Do.

It’s the first time Cerys has been inside a studio since the break up of her band – but producers are adamant that the new song will not be released as a single.


Cerys told the Western Mail newspaper:” It’s great to be part of such a magical series. Sali and her friends were my childhood friends too, and the stories have been beautifully translated for the screen.”

The series is based on 40-year-old Welsh children’s books written by Mary Vaughn Thomas. Each of the new episodes has been narrated in Welsh by Hollywood actor Rhys Ifans. It will be aired on Welsh TV in the New Year.

Cerys has spent the last few days in Cardiff’s Soundworks Studio recording an

extended version of the theme song in both English and Welsh.

Producer Robin Lyons said: “I can’t imagine anyone bringing the same sensitivity to the song that Cerys does. She really cares about Sali Mali and you can hear the warmth in her voice straight away.”