The singer is receiving treatment for "exhaustion and asthma"...

CATATONIA have been forced to pull out of the ONE BIG SUNDAY concert in PLYMOUTH this weekend because frontwoman CERYS MATTHEWS has checked into a health clinic for “exhaustion and asthma”.

A statement from the singer’s record company, Warner, said: “Cerys is receiving treatment for exhaustion and a recurrent asthma complaint, both of which have been exacerbated by smoking and drinking. She fully expects to be back fighting fit very soon.”

The band, who released new single ‘Stone By Stone’ on Monday (July 23), have cancelled all promotional duties for the next two weeks.

Speaking to Radio 1 last week, Cerys had said: “It’s a pressure that you put on yourself to be something and when you start thinking about it all the time it becomes a vicious circle – it’s not very nice really. I make sure now I’m in good form before going on stage and I try to keep things in perspective.”