Cerys pops into the 'Big Brother' house for a sneaky look at the housemates...

CATATONIA frontwoman CERYS MATTHEWS paid a secret visit to the BIG BROTHER house yesterday (July 22) to have an up-close peek at her favourite housemate – CWMBRAN hairdresser, HELEN ADAMS.

Cerys has voted for Helen to win the game show when it ends next week. And she admits she’s addicted to the real-life soap – especially the on-off love affair between Helen and evicted Paul Clarke.

She said: “I’m terribly, terribly addicted. I love Helen and I think I must be the only one in the UK who likes Paul. I just think he’s been misunderstood.”

Channel 4 producers invited Cerys to have a look around the house, through the myriad of two-way mirrors and hidden cameras. None of the four remaining housemates would have had the slightest idea that she was there.

Cerys says she watches all the highlight programmes and even tunes in for the unedited live broadcast on the cable channel E4 during the day.

She added: “Helen’s just the most beautiful girl ever. She’s so dizzy, isn’t she? She’s a star. I love Helen and Paul. They’ve given us so much fun, haven’t they?”

In other news, a fund-raising event at which she was due to play a one-woman live set has been called off.

The event, which was to raise funds for this year’s Special Olympics with tickets being sold to business leaders, was due to take place on Thursday (July 26) at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

Executive games director Trevor Gough said: “We are very grateful to Cerys for putting this date in her diary. However, due to logistical problems, it has not been possible to market the event satisfactorily.”