Catatonia's non-appearance blamed for this year's losses...

THE GUILDFORD LIVE FESTIVAL has gone bankrupt after ten years

in business.

Last year’s event saw the promoters attempt to go upmarket, with appearances

from Pulp

and James,

but the three-day festival lost #pound;120,000. Director Tony Scott

blamed the huge loss on Catatonia

pulling out two days before their scheduled appearance.

According to a report on BBC News

Online, Mr Scott claimed that Catatonia’s

management assured him the band would play, despite announcements to the

contrary. “Two weeks before the festival I got a phone call saying the band would

be playing, but then with just two days to go the management said they had pulled

out. At that stage it was far too late to start trying to book a replacement


The cancellation had an adverse effect on day ticket sales, which were also

hampered by rain over the weekend. Despite the losses, Mr Scott

said that he would be looking to put on a festival next year.