'Mulder And Scully' gives the gift of speech to two-year-old autistic boy...

CATATONIA are being thanked for giving the gift of speech to an autistic boy.

Previously, two-year-old Christopher Howells of Llanelli, Wales, had learned to say ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ before mysteriously becoming mute – but when he heard the band’s hit ‘Mulder And Scully’, he suddenly started singing along to every word.

Talking to [url=], Christopher’s dad Stuart said: “He said nothing for three or four months, then suddenly started singing ‘Mulder And Scully’ word and tune perfect, with all the pauses in the right place as well. I was just gobsmacked – we owe Catatonia everything.”

The thrilled dad has since contacted Catatonia, and lead singer Cerys Matthews is now keen on hearing about Christopher’s progress.

She’s also invited the family to go and see them in concert when they play later this year.