The singer admits the real reason for the band's lengthy absence...

Catatonia‘s CERYS MATTHEWS has revealed to nme.com that she almost quit the band for good last year after suffering a nervous breakdown.

Speaking last week from the rehearsal studios where the band are practising songs for their forthcoming album, provisionally titled ‘It’s What’s Not There That Makes What’s There What It Is’, she revealed the real reasons behind the band’s cancellation of a host of UK arena dates in December last year and a US promotional tour in April this year.

She explained: “I had a bit of a breakdown and I had to stop. I think, um, yeah, possibly through overwork. I’d never thought beyond being a singer in the band and then suddenly, um, things get a bit beyond, you know? I could never stop singing, but you don’t want to work on automaton do you? We’ve been touring solidly since ’93, ’94. We had a brilliant two years with the hit singles and that. But I’d never thought beyond that and suddenly we were.”


She continued: “It was good to take a step back and get back to wanting to sing again and not just feel as if you’re repeating yourself. That’s what really drove me crazy…things are back on course now. We’ve got fresh music and fresh attitudes and it’s like starting again. ”

For the full interview with Matthews, including a lowdown on the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album, see this week’s NME, out in London from today, (September 12) and nationwide from tomorrow (September 13).

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