The stars queue up to offer their tributes to Mr Glastonbury...

Catatonia‘s CERYS MATTHEWS, THOM YORKE, TRAVIS, BILLY BRAGG and ROBERT PLANT are among the musicians interviewed in a new BBC2 documentary about GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organiser MICHAEL EAVIS.

The show, titled ‘Glastonbury Man’ will be broadcast at 7.50pm on June 24, in the middle of the BBC‘s coverage of this year’s festival. The documentary follows Eavis for a year, starting last August when he organised the annual Glastonbury Extravaganza – a classical music night in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey – up to the beginning of this year’s festival. The final scenes in the documentary are not expected to be shot until the Summer Solstice on June 21, three days before the screening of the show.

As part of the documentary, the BBC gained access to Eavis, his personal photo and video collection, as well as unseen material from the ’70s and ’80s – including part of Nick Roeg‘s 1971 film ‘Glastonbury Fayre’.

Numerous musicians were also involved in the documentary, most describing how the festival has been a turning point in their career. Cerys Matthews says: “The truth is, Michael has been very, very generous and a big fan of music and very supportive over the years. He was brilliant with us in 1998, which was the first year we actually managed to play Glastonbury.”

This year’s Glastonbury Festival takes place over the weekend of June 23-25 at Worthy Farm, Pilton. For the full line-up at this year’s festival,

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