Question Time panellists junk Catatonia over our heroine's comments...

CERYS MATTHEWS was attacked by politicians on BBC Question Time last Thursday (December 2) for comments in the music press she made about heroin.

Cerys was asked what she would do if she discovered if her closest friend was a heroin dealer.

Her reply, that: “I’d get some stuff of them cheaply, I think there’s worse things in the world” incensed Question Time panel members like Tory MP Nigel Evans and led to a 10 minute debate on sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Evans, Conservative constitutional spokesman, claimed Cerys‘ comments would encourage young people to take and be addicted to heroin, claiming: “Young people don’t have pictures of Keith Hellawell (New Labour’s ‘drug czar) on their wall, they have pictures of Cerys and Catatonia.”

“I can’t believe she believes in what she said, but if she does believe then she must bear responsibility for any young people who decide to experiment with heroin or cannabis because some of them will get addicted.”

Last week’s debate followed criticism of Cerys in the Welsh tabloid press over her comments. Her press office has described the media furore as “a storm in a teacup”.

In an official statement released last Tuesday, Cerys said: “I am shocked that the Welsh Daily Mirror has taken a flippant remark by me out of contest and has reported it as me condoning the use of heroin.

“Nothing is further from the truth.

“I support the work done by drugs rehabilitation charities and nothing I say is intended to undermine them.” Storm in a tea cup or an invitation to the decline of western civilisation? Did you shoot up after hearing Cerys’s comments? Have your say. Post a message on Angst!