Cerys makes light of her own and pens a song about it...

Catatonia‘s Cerys Mathews has spoken to NME about ‘Bulimic Beats’ on the band’s forthcoming album ‘Equally Cursed And Blessed’, released on April 12.

“A lot of girls have eating disorders,” she brims, “I myself included, it’s not that uncommon, is it? So I think you have to have humour about it.”

‘Bulimic Beats’ includes the lines : “Here in my kitchen where I’m familiar with every brand/A front line with labels where I witness custard’s last stand”.


“I kept going, ‘Look, it’s funny, isn’t it?'” she giggles. “‘Cos I just find it hilarious, the last line, I imagine all the custard tins in the kitchen and then you’ve eaten it and then it’s come back up and it’s the custard’s last stand, innit? And everyone was going, ‘No it’s not funny at all’ and I was like, ‘Well, that’s my sort of humour! Take the mick out of vomiting!'”

Cerys puts her bulimia down to: “Boredom and a lack of a mother around to give you a good slap! Hahaha!”

You can read the full Cerys interview by Sylvia Patterson in this week’s NME, on sale in London today and across the UK from tomorrow.

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