Cattletonia is going for two quid in 'Karaoke Queen' vid...

As the government backs down in the Anglo-French ‘beef wars’ Catatonia have told The Daily Star that there is a cow in their new video for ‘Karaoke Queen’ called Cattletonia which they hope will raise the issue of impoverished British cattle farmers.

“People probably think I’m bonkers starring a calf in a pop video but the politicians don’t seem to be making any effort to help, so I thought I would, ” she said. “If it makes someone go, ‘What the hell,’ then I think it will make a difference.”

“It’s absurd that you can buy a calf for # 2. Some farmers are having to sell their calves for 10p.”

Cerys, who comes from farming stock, has the cow appearing in the video with a #2 pricetag around its neck.

The single was released yesterday while Cerys‘s duet with Tom Jones ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ – released on December 6 – is currently running at 14-1, a rank outsider, as the Christmas number 1.