Catatonia announce details of follow up to 'International Velvet'...

Catatonia‘s new album is called ‘Equally Cursed And Blessed’ and will be released on April 12 through Blanco Y Negro.

The album will be preceded by a new single, ‘Dead From The Waist Down’, on March 22. The single will feature two new songs as B-sides, ‘Bad, Bad Boy’ and ‘Branding A Mountain’.

The band have been recording their album with producer Tommy D.


The 11-track record was made at Monnow Valley studios in Wales; final tracklisting is

‘Storm The Palace’ ‘Londinium’ ‘Postscript’ ‘Karaoke Queen’ ‘She’s A Millionaire’, ‘Bulimic Beats’ ‘Shoot The Messenger’ ‘Valerian Unwanted’ ‘Dead From The Waist Down’ ‘Nothing Hurts (Everything Is Beautiful)’ ‘Dazed Beautiful And Bruised’

The album title is taken from the lyric to ‘Storm The Palace’.

Meanwhile Cerys, Tim Wheeler, Tommy Scott and Wyclef Jean appear as the voices of kung fu fighters on a new programme on MTV.

Eagle’s Claw features the voices of the four singers dubbed onto an obscure ’80s martial arts picture of the same name along with model Jo Guest and singer Jimmy Ray.

Cerys plays Sister Koo, while Tim Wheeler plays a character called Long Wang, Tommy Scott plays Master Chow and Wyclef Jean plays Master Lee.


The brainchild of MTV producer Rob Lewis, the programme is set to be followed by similar projects featuring musicians providing voiceovers on bizarre cult movies.

Lewis said: “Richard Ashcroft would be a natural as a philosophising kung fu master.

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood both have lovely diction. They would make great villains in any situation. Nicky Wire has obvious heroic qualities and I think he would make a marvellous flying Japanese hero.”

The producer has also earmarked Jarvis Cocker to play the part of a masked wrestler and Graham Coxon to be cast in an “Indonesian cannibal adventure”.

Of Coxon he says: “He’d be a mad scientist, a character retaining an element of control in a sea of chaos.”

Other artists shortlisted include Shirley Manson, Prodigy‘s Keith Flint, Goldie, Lemmy and Nick Cave, but Lewis has yet to confirm who will be taking part. Eagle’s Claw airs on MTV at midnight on March 4 and April 13.

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