Catfish & The Bottlemen on being in a band: ‘You have no girlfriend. No friends. No mum or dad’

Singer Van McCann says their life is spent 'in the studio with nowhere to live'

Catfish and the Bottlemen have spoken about the prices of being in a band in a new interview.

Speaking to the Metro, the band’s frontman Van McCann revealed that it was a lonely existence.

He said: “You have no girlfriend. No best friends. No mum or dad. You can’t afford to live anywhere… It’s like we’re still in school while all our mates are off getting married. While they’re doing that, we’ll be in the studio with nowhere to live”.


He added: “It’s getting to that point – any girlfriend you have held down for the last couple of years or any relationship that isn’t music and you want to keep sweet in your life – you’ve got to understand that’s gone now.”

McCann also said that the band have “decided you’ve got to go mad – you’ve got to go with it. Let it take you to the daftest realms possible.”

Van McCann previously told NME that the group are “normal” and remain true to their working class roots.

“We sit and play FIFA, get stoned and eat Domino’s and that,” he said. “Are Oasis lad rock? Are Arctic Monkeys?… I’m a dead simple lad. I smoke fags and drink tea. I write my songs, I get in the van, I sing as good as I can. The people that get us are not the people that sit at their computers, they’re the people working shit jobs or on the dole, like I was.”

The singer continued: “When we write songs, I just think, ‘Are 60,000 people going to want to sing this back to me? Is someone in a nine-to-five job going to feel euphoric listening to it?’ If not, I’m getting rid of it.”

Catfish & The Bottlemen’s debut album, ‘The Balcony’, was released in September 2014.