Catfish And The Bottlemen’s Van McCann: ‘America thinks we’re Oasis but with better manners’

The band's frontman discusses their recent tour of the US

Catfish and the Bottlemen frontman Van McCann has decision the band’s recent tour of the US, claiming that they’ve earned people’s respect and that critics call them “Oasis, but with better manners”.

McCann spoke to Annie Mac on Radio 1 on Wednesday night (May 6), saying that he’s “so excited” about the prospect of touring again. “I’ve just been around the world once,” he said. “We’re going to do it again in a couple of months, plus a new album.”

“We’ve been on tour in Australia, Japan and America. We’re gonna be massive and take over the world, it’s been crazy. They love a northern English band with big choruses, they go crazy out there. We’re bigger than The Beatles! No, only joking.”


Van McCann added, “They’re excited because we’re young. If you go over to America and you’re an English band, you’ve already earned respect. I think they respect that you’ve done the graft to get over there in the first place. All the critics over there keep calling ‘Oasis, but with better manners’. I’ll happily take that.”

Catfish And The Bottlemen released their debut album ‘The Balcony’ in September 2014.

The band recently described the price of being in a band with McCann saying that it was a lonely existence.

He said, “You have no girlfriend. No best friends. No mum or dad. You can’t afford to live anywhere… It’s like we’re still in school while all our mates are off getting married. While they’re doing that, we’ll be in the studio with nowhere to live.”

McCann added: “It’s getting to that point – any girlfriend you have held down for the last couple of years or any relationship that isn’t music and you want to keep sweet in your life – you’ve got to understand that’s gone now.”

McCann also said that the band have “decided you’ve got to go mad – you’ve got to go with it. Let it take you to the daftest realms possible.”

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