Van McCann tells One Direction ‘We’re here to fuck you lot off’

Catfish and the Bottlemen singer dubs the band "live pantomime"

Catfish and the Bottlemen singer Van McCann has made a scathing attacking on One Direction, dismissing the pop group’s career as “preconceived and controlled”.

Both sides have clashed previously after the Welsh band last December replied to a tweet from Louis Tomlinson that stated how much he loved their music.

“Genuinely made up you like it but we’re here to do us best to get u lids out charts & bands in. I promised Ma a jacuzzi seem,” read Catfish and the Bottlemen’s retort.


Speaking to The Sun, McCann has followed up the reply, telling One Direction, “We’re here to fuck you lot off”.

“You lot won a competition! I’ve sat in a band of seven years while you queued up outside Manchester Arena the did a bit of disco to a man behind a table who then put a few dollar bills down your jacket,” said McCann. “Everything they do is preconceived and controlled. It’s live pantomime.”

McCann brushed off any negative comments towards the band in a recent interview with The Guardian, saying, “We don’t care if people don’t like it”.

“We’re resonating with young people because no one else is doing the big guitars and chorus thing,” he said, explaining Catfish And The Bottlemen gigs were full of “40-year old men who tell me: ‘I’ve been waiting for a band like yours since Oasis’.”

Uninspired by music in the charts, the frontman explained how his lyrics were tales of life growing up in his Welsh home town Llandudno. “You meet a girl, your best mate kisses her and you have a fight, then you meet her sister. Everyone in Llandudno has those sort of stories. They’re not all about me. I can’t relate to stuff in the charts; if you’re gonna sing about sex, sing about not having it.”