Listen to Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler’s new single ‘Sabotage (Looks So Easy)’

The second single to be released from their upcoming collaborative album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’

Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler have shared their latest collaborative single ‘Sabotage (Looks So Easy)’ — you can listen to the song below.

The track is the second to be lifted from the pair’s upcoming album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’, which is set for release on September 18 on Needle Mythology.

Following on from the release of the record’s first single ‘The Breakdown’ — which premiered last month along with the album announcement — Davies and Butler have today (August 11) released ‘Sabotage (Looks So Easy)’.


You can watch the black-and-white video for the track below.

Speaking about ‘Sabotage (Looks So Easy)’, Davies said: “Some people lift others up. They’re altruistic and constructive. Then there are the energy vampires who have perfected the art of destruction. It’s about toxic masculinity and I’m channelling my inner Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde here to raise a middle finger to every man who played the victim when they were called out.”

Butler added: “‘Sabotage’ was written when we reconvened a few years after anxiously writing the first set of songs, by which time I think we had both been trampled on a little … as is our style, without talking about it to each other, we consequently wanted to smash the room up a little and say ‘that’s enough now thanks.’’

You can pre-order ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ here and see its full tracklist below.

  1. The Breakdown
  2. Ten Good Reasons
  3. Sabotage (Looks So Easy)
  4. In Memory Of My Feelings
  5. I Know
  6. Judas
  7. No More Tears To Cry
  8. The Waiting Game
  9. The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause
  10. FOH
  11. Live To Tell
  12. The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause (Harmonium Version)

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