Horrors’ Faris Badwan: ‘Cat’s Eyes’ album isn’t goth’

Frontman says 'spooky' tag is wide of the mark

Cat’s Eyes frontman Faris Badwan has insisted that the duo’s debut album should not be categorised as a goth record.

The Horrors singer has said that reviews which describe his side-project’s self-titled album as “spook-laden” are wide of the mark.

“The goth thing … drives me up the wall,” he told The Guardian. “I mean, would you say this record is accessible? It’s poppy. But no matter what’s on it, it’s going to be described as ‘spook-laden’, ‘organ-heavy’, ‘ghostly’.”

Badwan added that the duo, which also features Canadian musician Rachel Zeffira, are already making plans for a follow-up to the album.

The pair are due to play a pair of gigs later this month, at St Andrew’s Church in Glasgow on April 25 and London‘s Scala (27).

Badwan is due to return to frontman duties with The Horrors when they play three UK dates in June ahead of the release of their third album.