Cee Lo Green: ‘Of course Gnarls Barkley will reunite’

Singer says he and Danger Mouse have a future together

Cee Lo Green has said that he’s sure Gnarls Barkley will reunite in the future.

Speaking to CNN, the singer said he had no firm plan to hook up with his Gnarls partner Danger Mouse yet, but that they would “of course” get together one day.

Asked if they would reunite, he replied: “Of course. It’s an enigma, if you will. It’s a monster. It’s a noun. It’s a person, place and thing, you know what I’m saying?”

He added: “So when I’m emotionally able to go back in that hole in the wall, I’ll go back in there. And Danger Mouse will be waiting for me, afro intact.”

When asked about the personality differences between himself and Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton, he admitted the two were “perceivably” opposite to each other.

But he added: “We have an awful lot in common. He’s a very funny guy. You wouldn’t know it. He’s very smart. I’ve described Danger Mouse on a few occasions as a picket fence around my garden of wildflowers, can you dig it? Makes sense.”

Gnarls Barkley‘s last album was 2008’s ‘The Odd Couple’.