Cee-Lo confirms 50 Cent ‘Fuck You’ video and the return of Gnarls Barkley – video

Watch a video interview with the singer now

Cee Lo Green has told NME that his collaboration with 50 Cent on ‘Fuck You’ was totally unplanned – and he has also declared Gnarls Barkley will return.

Speaking in a video interview you can watch on the right now, the singer confirmed he is set to make a new video for the song with the rapper.

50 Cent took a very liberal approach in making use of the song. I was all up for it, actually. He did it in record time, the song had only been out a couple of days before there was a version with him on it, which was pretty awesome,” said Green.


“I figured we should have a talk, make sure it’s formal and let’s go all the way with it and shoot a video, who knows it may breath even more life into [the song].”

He also explained that, although he has his solo album ‘The Lady Killer’ out on November 8, his Gnarls Barkley project with Danger Mouse could return at any time, despite the producer working with James Mercer on Broken Bells at the moment.

“I guarantee he is not as busy as he seems,” Green said of his collaborator. “I guarantee if I called him right now and said, ‘I want to get started on Gnarls Barkley‘ he would make time for me. We don’t talk about music formally, we just do it, so we’ve not discussed what direction he would like to go in, so it will be a brand new experience all over again.”

Watch the full interview, including details of Cee Lo Green‘s goth past, on the right now.

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