Cee Lo Green denies it was him in that bizarre gold Grammys outfit

The costume drew comparisons to a Ferrero Rocher wrapper

Cee Lo Green has denied that he was at this year’s Grammy Awards, claiming that the person in the bizarre gold outfit wasn’t him.

The outfit made headlines this week, drawing comparisons to a Ferrero Rocher wrapper, and was later mocked by James Corden, who said: “Maybe we should just call it what it is: a cry for help.”

It has been widely reported that it was Green dressed under the guise of new alter-ego Gnarly Davidson, who recently released the single ‘Fuck Me, I’m Famous’ and has followed it with a love song about Beyonce called ‘Jay Z’s Girl’.


However, in a video speaking to TMZ, Green has wryly denied that it was him, saying: “That’s somebody else altogether, man. I heard a lot about the guy, all the trouble he’s making… I’m becoming a fan, he doesn’t like me as much though.”

Watch the video below.

Watch Cee Lo Green/Gnarly Davidson’s new song ‘Jay Z’s Girl’ below:


In 2014, Green escaped jail time after pleading no contest to drugs charges. Green was also the subject of rape allegations, which were dropped due to a lack of evidence.


The singer was accused of secretly slipping ecstasy into the drink of his dinner date at a sushi restaurant in July 2012. He was later forced to apologise after tweeting controversial remarks about rape immediately after the trial.