Cee Lo Green’s bizarre Grammys outfit explained

Gnarls Barkley musician unveils new alter-ego Gnarly Davidson

Cee Lo Green turned heads at last night’s Grammy Awards when he attended the ceremony dressed in a bizarre gold outfit that some viewers compared to a Ferrero Rocher wrapper.

But now, the story behind the outfit has been explained.



It turns out that the costume was part of the Gnarls Barkley musician’s new alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson.

Earlier this month, Green revealed the new persona to XXL, writing in a statement: “Look at me… LOOK AT ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME CEELO GREEN, YOU FUCKING IDIOT. BUT I LIKE IT, I’m actually…BETTER! Than you… than everyone! A karmikaze upon you! Vengeance is mine sayeth GNARLY DAVIDSON. P.S. TECHNOLOJESUS saves.”

Green appears to have confirmed the news yesterday by correcting Twitter mentions of his outfit by pointing people in the direction of Gnarly Davidson’s Twitter account.

Gnarly Davidson’s Twitter links to a new song called ‘Fuck Me, I’m Famous’, which also has a more radio-friendly version called ‘Love Me, I’m Famous’.


As well as his gold outfit, Green also wore a black Gnarly Davidson costume to the Grammys pre-show. See a photo of that below.

In 2014, Green escaped jail time after pleading no contest to drugs charges. Green was also the subject of rape allegations, which were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

The singer was accused of secretly slipping ecstasy into the drink of his dinner date at a sushi restaurant in July 2012. He was later forced to apologise after tweeting controversial remarks about rape immediately after the trial.