Watch as Céline Dion impersonates Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Sia

Dion was appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'

Celine Dion has impersonated artists including Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Sia during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The show features a segment titled ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’ in which artists must impersonate other singers, with renditions of lullabies and well-known songs.

In a recent episode, Dion proceeded to impersonate some of today’s biggest pop stars, including an impersonation of Rihanna singing ‘Row, row, row your boat’.


Dion has said she is ‘holding up’ after both her husband and brother passed away earlier this year. Rene Angelil, the singer’s husband and longtime manager, died in January after losing a long battle with throat cancer

Tragically, his death was followed by that of Celine Dion’s brother Daniel, who died from cancer only two days later. But the singer has now opened up about their deaths – and says that’s she receiving huge support from both her children and her fans.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “I am more than holding up, I have to tell you. My children, my family, my fans night after night—it feels like it’s not just one thing that’s helping me.

“My children adapted themselves so well, so that helps me as a mom to really cope with that tremendous loss. But I feel that he is inside of us, helping us, [saying] ‘Go for it! I’m here, the kids are safe—have your passion, have a good time.”