Celine Dion parody website shut down after singer threatens legal action

'My Heart Will Go On' star forces the closure of 'Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion' Tumblr

Celine Dion has demanded the closure of a website which parodies her facial expressions.

The singer instructed her lawyers to notify the administrators of the Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion Tumblr that she would be taking legal action unless the site was closed down.

Tabloid Prodigy reports that while the administrators of the website are “superfans” of Dion‘s and they cannot afford a legal battle with the wealthy singer over their fair use claims.

The administrators posted a parting message on the site, it reads: “Hey y’all, Céline Dion found our blog, and she didn’t like it. We just got a letter from Céline’s lawyers that the blog has to be shut down.

“Though this blog is well within the realm of ‘fair use’, I don’t have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond. The dream is over. Thanks for following and being a Céline superfan,
 I’ll always remember you.”

It was recently rumoured that Madonna was set to collaborate with Dion songwriter Jim Steinman on her forthcoming album, the follow up to 2008’s ‘Hard Candy’.