Cerebral Ballzy frontman to star in horror film ‘Condemned’

The film will see Honor Titus fighting off residents of a condemned squat with vintage bass guitars

Cerebral Ballzy frontman Honor Titus is set to star in a new horror film, Condemned.

The movie is set in New York’s Lower East Side, and will see Titus playing Loki, a musician living in a condemned squat, who ends up having to use his collection of vintage bass guitars to fight off attackers after an infection spreads throughout the building’s residents, causing them to ‘go crazy’.

Dylan Penn and Lydia Hearst will also star in the film, which, according to a press release follows “degenerate NYC lunatics”. Of the plot it adds: “The building residents succumb to an infection from their own waste and garbage, inciting a ‘battle royale’ where they all go berserk and try to kill one another.” The film is written and directed by Eli Morgan Gesner and starts shooting next month in New York. Gesner founded skateboard and streetwear label Zoo York and last year worked with Banksy on the artist’s New York residency, Better Out Than In.

Titus appears alongside Julian Casablancas on the cover of this week’s NME, which is on newsstands and available digitally now. In an exclusive interview as part of NME‘s Heroes special, Casablancas opens up to Titus about the late Velvet Underground founder, The Strokes and Beat literature.

Speaking about Lou Reed, who died in October 2013, Casablancas said: “It was so fucking sad when Lou died. I was fucking genuinely upset. He’s everything – the reason I started the label, music… I just felt the injustice, of how amazing he was.”