Ceremony cover Oasis’ ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ – watch

Mancunian snarl turned Californian darkness... eventually

Californian punk act Ceremony have delivered an unlikely cover of Oasis classic ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’.

The band played the track for AV Undercover, who have an annual event where they list cover songs, progressively crossing them off as bands come into their office to cover the track. Later in the year, bands are faced with a shorter list of tracks to choose from, and from the outstanding options, Ceremony picked out the Oasis song, the opening track on their 1994 debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’. The concept is now in its sixth season.

The intro includes the band saying to each other “if you mess up, just keep going”, and “why do I keep fucking this up?”, with vocalist Ross Farrar seemingly having particular difficulty adjusting to the track.

The resulting cover version is a slowed-down version, with a melancholy tone and slurred guitars.


Ceremony released ‘L-Shaped Man’ in May, and currently have a number of shows lined up in California to celebrate Halloween. The Matador Records release is their fifth studio album. They recently played London’s ‘Visions’ festival, but had to cancel a show in Mexico after problems with transport.

See Ceremony’s cover below: