The Chainsmokers misspell ‘Pittsburgh’ at Pittsburgh gig

See a photo of the mistake

The Chainsmokers misspelled Pittsburgh in an on-screen message thanking the US city’s fans at the end of a recent gig.

The EDM duo played Pittsburgh over the weekend (April 22), with a live review of the show describing how the pair suffered an embarrassing typo in a thank-you message to fans.

The band’s encore, according to the report, “was met with much applause, before being dampened with a misspelled ‘Thank You Pittsburg’ sign that came down at show’s end. It was obviously unfortunate, but even more so because Taggart made it a point to talk about how great the city had been to The Chainsmokers and not every city was as enthusiastic as Pittsburgh.”


After a photo of the mistake was circulated online, the duo took to Twitter to post a now-deleted message, saying: “lol totally putting our visual guy on blast for misspelling Pittsburgh at the end”.

See the typo in the picture below.

Meanwhile, Deadmau5 recently accused The Chainsmokers of using a ghost producer on their debut album, ‘Memories… Do Not Open’.

Deadmau5 made the claim when replying to a tweet from the New York Times that promoted a podcast that featured the paper’s pop music editor and other US journalists discussing the pair. “How do you solve a problem like The Chainsmokers?” the tweet asked. “Easy. You suck a shitload of Grammy dick and pay a ghost producer. Next question,” Deadmau5 responded.