The Chainsmokers respond to being called ‘The Nickelback of EDM’

The duo hit back with an unlikely cover...

The Chainsmokers have responded to a criticism calling them ‘the Nickelback of EDM’, by recording a mash-up of ‘Paris’ with ‘How You Remind Me’.

In comparing the dance stars with the arena grunge giants in a scathing critique, Esquire wrote that “the duo brings all the worst cliches of the genre, and just might destroy it.”

Esquire continued: “They’re doing for EDM what Nickelback did to post-grunge arena rock: becoming immensely popular by using the worst cliches the genre has to offer, and then taking it down to the river and putting it out of its misery.


“Like Nickelback, The Chainsmokers sell their lowest-common-denominator sound using shameless sexism. Let’s look at their first Number One single, “Closer,” a duet between The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Halsey. It’s about him running into an ex, having sex with her in a car, then realizing he hated her the whole time.”

The band didn’t take too kindly to the article, and responded by recording an acoustic cover of their new single ‘Paris‘  with Nickelback’s huge-selling ‘How You Remind Me’ – introducing the track by quoting the lyrics ‘it’s not like you to say sorry…’

Nickelback themselves have often been the butt of many jokes and criticisms. Frontman Chad Kroeger’s wife and pop-punk star Avril Lavigne recently hit back at Facebook boss Mark Zuckberg for ‘bullying’ the band, while, Canadian police were recently forced to apologise after ‘threatening’ to use Nickelback’s music to punish drink drivers – while the band spoke out in response to a dig from Royal Blood who slammed them and compared them to Hillary Clinton.