New York newcomers set to follow U2, Paul McCartney in Apple iPod ad

Band for new Nano advert only found out when ad aired

The band selected for the soundtrack to the new iPod Nano advert have spoken to NME.COM about the impact the exposure could have on their career.

New York newcomers Chairlift say they only found out their song ‘Bruises’ was definitely being used in the advert when Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPod Nano on Tuesday (September 9).

“We knew our song was in the running, but the people at Apple are really secretive about this sort of stuff,” explained drummer Patrick Wimberley.

“We’re really excited by the opportunity to be heard by the world. It’s only on the internet and already our exposure has tripled. When it airs on TV this coming Sunday I’m sure things are going to get even crazier.”

The electro-popsters, who are based in Brooklyn but met at The University Of Colorado In Boulder, are due to release their debut album ‘Does You Inspire You’ on October 27 through Kanine Records.

“I hope people are going to be smart enough to listen to our record and won’t just know us as ‘the iPod band’. It’s something we’re aware of, but we’re hoping we can break through, and use it as something to help jumpstart our career. We’re honoured and privileged that Apple chose us,” he added.

The new version of the company’s best-selling iPod will be curved and made of aluminium and glass.

You can watch a YouTube clip of the the advert below.

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