Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek to release debut solo album

'Arcadia' will be released by Polachek under the name Ramona Lisa

Chairlift‘s Caroline Polachek is set to release her debut solo album.

‘Arcadia’ will be released by Polachek under the name Ramona Lisa on April 14. According to a press release, it is “a concept album of love songs that are nature allegories” and was recorded at Rome’s Villa Medici. Scroll down for the record’s tracklisting and to listen to the record’s title track.

Last year Polachek contributed ‘No Angel’ to Beyonce’s self-titled album. “I thought it could be a good album track for Chairlift, but it would be incredibly sexy if Beyoncé did it,” said Polachek of the song, which saw her score a co-writing and production credit on ‘Beyonce’. “Her groove was different… in my version the synths detuned really quickly for a second; she did the same thing but with her voice. It sounds like the whole song melts. It’s amazing,” she said of Beyonce’s version.


The ‘Arcadia’ tracklisting is:

‘Backwards and Upwards’
‘Getaway Ride’
‘Lady’s Got Gills’
‘Hissing Pipes at Dawn’
‘Izzit True What They Tell Me’
‘Wing of the Parapet’
‘I Love Our World’