Chance The Rapper: “I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump”

The rapper has spoken out in a new NPR podcast interview

Chance The Rapper has declared his influence to be bigger than that of Donald Trump’s in a new podcast interview.

Speaking on NPR‘s new podcast What’s Good, the rapper said: “I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump, you know what I’m saying? Than literally anybody that works in politics.” Chance also cites his Rapper Radio site as a potential model for policy change.

Listen to the podcast in full below.


Backing up Chance’s claims, he was recently named one of the most influential people on the internet.

The list, published by Time Magazine, offers an unranked round-up of the internet’s biggest influencers – citing their ‘overall ability to drive news’ and their ‘global impact.’  Chance The Rapper was included after he bypassed traditional paths to musical success – and instead used the internet to distribute his music and connect with fans.

A description on the list stated: “Chance The Rapper didn’t need a record deal to become a hip-hop superstar, that’s thanks largely to his mastery of the internet, both as a distribution method (all three of his mixtapes have been streaming only) and as a tool to build meaningful relationships with his young fans.”

At this year’s BET Awards, Chance The Rapper pledged to become a “better man” and to continue his work helping people “all over the world” in his acceptance speech for an award granted for his humanitarian work.

“I want to be more involved outside just my community of Chicago. I want to travel overseas and help out people all over the world”, he said. “My God is putting the pressure on me so I can become who I’m supposed to be. I’m a good man, and I’m gonna become a better man.”