Chance The Rapper donates Coldplay tickets to terminally ill fan

He secured the tickets for teenager Heidi Hernandez.

Chance The Rapper has been praised after he managed to secure a pair of tickets for a terminally ill teenager to see Coldplay.

The rapper, who previously pledged $1 million for school funding in Chicago, reportedly secured the tickets for teenager Heidi Hernandez who is battling primary sclerosing cholangitis, a liver condition that she has lived with since the age of three.

Despite battling the condition everyday, Heidi works at a pizzeria in Chicago suburb Northbrook, and credits Coldplay for helping her battle depression.


“It felt like everyone was being connected somehow because you enjoy the same music”, Hernandez told ABC7 Chicago.

Coldplay's Chris Martin
Coldplay’s Chris Martin

“I got into a really bad depression where I wouldn’t even be able to go to school. And I just started listening to [Coldplay’s] music and it made me feel a lot better.”

But while Heidi had never seen the band live, her manager was able to secure a pair of tickets after he got in touch with Chance and arranged for him to meet her at Midway International Airport, where the surprise was eventually revealed.
After attending the show on Thursday, Heidi was also given the chance to meet Chris Martin when he paid a visit to her pizza restaurant and offered her the opportunity to sit front row at a Coldplay show in September.
Chance The Rapper, meanwhile, received a congratulatory message from former U.S. President Barack Obama after he held a free gig in Chicago earlier this month.