Chance The Rapper sued for copyright infringement over ’10 Day’ sample

The Chicago rapper is accused of "blatant and wilful infringement" by a jazz musician

Chance The Rapper is being sued for copyright infringement over a sample that appeared on his mixtape ’10 Day’.

The collection was the Chicago rapper’s debut release, arriving in 2012. It includes the track ‘Windows’, which features a sample from Lonnie Liston Smith’s ‘Bridge Through Time’.

Abdul Wali-Muhammad, a jazz musician from New York, is now suing Chance as he composed ‘Bridge Through Time’. In his lawsuit, he accuses the rapper of “blatant and wilful infringement” of his song and demands that he stop “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell” ‘Windows’.


As Spin reports, Muhammad is listed as ‘Bridge Through Time”s sole composer after he filed a copyright claim for it in 1979. He is also credited as a co-writer on UGK’s ‘Candy’ and Conscious Daughters’ ‘We Roll Deep’, both of which sample the tune.

’10 Day’ was released for free on file-sharing sites, but was mistakenly uploaded to iTunes and Apple Music earlier this year. At the time, Chance tweeted: “10day was fraudulently put on iTunes and applemusic. It’ll be down shortly. 10day and acid rap will always be inclusive, elusive and free.”

Earlier this month, Chance spoke about the $2.2 million donation he has helped raise to fund public schools in Chicago during a Steve Jobs-style press conference.

Speaking at the first Social Works – the rapper’s youth empowerment charity – summit, Chance discussed the initiative during a 20-minute presentation.


Addressing the $2.2 million donation – which has been drawn from Social Works’ ‘New Chance’ fund – Chance said: “Every contribution brings this city and this nation closer to providing a well-rounded quality education for each and every child.

“Funding quality education for public [school] students is the most important investment a community can make.”