Chance The Rapper shares Kanye West demos and talks possible future collaboration

The 'Coloring Book' rapper sat down for an hour-long interview with Zane Lowe

Chance The Rapper has shared previously-unheard demos of Kanye West songs and discussed a possible collaboration between the two.

Speaking in an interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, Chance discussed working with West on both his latest mixtape ‘Coloring Book’ and the latter’s recent album ‘The Life of Pablo’, as well as hinting at a possible joint project called ‘Good Ass Job’.

Chance, who appeared on the final version of ‘Ultralight Beam’ on ‘…Pablo’, also worked on the Chris Brown-featuring ‘Waves’ and the Rihanna-featuring ‘Famous’, contributing demo tracks of both to the recording process. Although neither version ended up making the final cut, Chance shared the demos with Lowe during the interview: ‘Waves’ appears at 20:45 in the below audio file, while ‘Famous’ (originally titled ‘Nina Chop’, possibly referring to the extensive Nina Simone vocal sample that was used in the final version) can be heard at 22:40.

Chance also revealed that he and West have worked on musical collaborations outside of their individual solo projects. Talking extensively on the growing creative relationship between the two, Chance said: “The making of my album and the making of his album were very separate but very connected, as we had a lot of discussions together. The main thing we want to connect on is this project called ‘Good Ass Job’ – that’s a thing that we talked about a long time ago, and I think everything that we’ve been working on has become a part of it.

“We bounced ideas [off each other] in the traditional way – I literally sampled ‘Ye, y’know?” he continued. “He’d given me all the pieces that I needed to make what I wanted to make. And so more than making a traditional project, or anything like that, he just wants to help me make the dopest shit that I want to make.”

Watch the full interview below:

Last week Chance posted a series of tweets praising West’s huge influence on his life and career, calling him a “once-in-a-kind” artist.

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