Watch Beyonce crash a Chance The Rapper interview at the MTV VMAs

Chance was being interviewed by Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves

Chance The Rapper had an interview with MTV gatecrashed by Beyoncé at the VMAs.

The Chicago rapper was a guest at the New York City-held ceremony on Sunday night (August 28), where he was hailed by Kanye West as an example of “the future.”

Prior to the ceremony, Chance was being interviewed backstage by Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves for MTV News. As the rapper served up a friendly challenge to Drake (saying that he’s “coming for your muscles”), Beyoncé swiftly approached Chance and laid her head on his shoulder briefly while smiling at the camera. Both Chance and Graves were initially unaware of what had happened, before Chance then clocked who had crashed his interview.


“Oh my God, that was ‘yoncé!” he exclaimed, before going over to embrace and speak to the singer. Graves then made sure to have a word with the Texan, with Beyoncé complimenting her tattoos.

“That happened,” Graves announced, as Chance danced around her, exclaiming: “This my life, B!”

Watch the interview below.

Beyoncé enjoyed a successful night at the VMAs, winning eight awards, including the coveted prize for Video of the Year. She also performed a medley from her most recent album, ‘Lemonade’, which you can watch here.