Chance the Rapper announces work with Stephen Colbert

Chance calls Colbert 'amazing', but refuses to go into details on their collaboration

Chance The Rapper has revealed an unlikely collaboration with American TV presenter Stephen Colbert, with a track promised “very soon”.

Colbert is known for his news and satire shows, and is currently presenting ‘The Late Show’ on CBS, after replacing David Letterman in September of this year. The exact nature of the collaboration hasn’t been revealed just yet, but given Chance is usually secretive about his up and coming projects, the comment itself comes as a surprise.

The rapper said: “Me and Stephen Colbert have been working on a song together, and it’s gonna be released very soon,” he said. “He’s amazing. I can’t get that deep into it, but he’s amazing.”


Chance also reveals information about his rumoured debut album, which has been talked about over the past few weeks but has no confirmed title or release date yet. Chance’s debut album rumours were fuelled by a comment at the end of an untitled new song in Austin, Texas on October 10, at the end of which he says ‘new mixtape’. In his interview, the Chicago man added:

“I’m working on a lot of music, and a lot of individual projects right now. But my focus is eventually getting out of this trilogy of music that would be #10Day and Acid Rap and third mixtape. And eventually get to a place where, you know, like I said stand on top of something and look around and be like this is what I do. I’m not just rapping to rap. This is what I do.”

It’s been a busy few months for the Chicago MC. ‘Surf’, a jazz fusion album that saw Chance collaborate with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, was released in May. In August he posted ‘Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape)’, a joint mixtape with Lil B, as well as the song ‘Israel (Sparring)’ featuring Noname Gypsy.

Watch Chance the Rapper’s interview with Hot 97 shows Ebro in the Morning via YouTube, below: