Chance The Rapper dubs Lil B collaboration ‘a masterpiece’

East-west 'based freestyle' collaboration all sewn up

Chance The Rapper has talked confidently about his up-and-coming collaborative album with Lil B, branding the record “a classic”.

Talking with Tampa Bay radio station Wild 94.1, Chance confirmed that the release would “definitely be a full-fledged album,” adding “it’s all done, and it’s a masterpiece.”

Other than confirming the album’s existence, though, Chance remained schtum on the details, refusing to announce track numbers or content. He did confirm a new single that’s expected to be released “very soon”.

The pair revealed the collaborative album via Twitter earlier this month, posting a picture that simply stated “just made an album”, but no further information had been revealed until today’s interview.

NMEJess Baumung/NME

Chance also confirmed his intention to remain independent for the time being, dismissing major labels “at this point” in order to keep things in house. “I’m making the best music anybody can make being around my family,” he explained. “I don’t really see a huge problem with signing a record deal, but right now it’s about keeping it family oriented.”

The Chicago rapper’s last release was a free-to-download album ‘Surf’, launched back in May and recorded with his band Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. He’ll be taking off on his ‘Family Matters’ tour of the US throughout October and November.

Chance also recently announced that he’s expecting his first child, posting a picture of his girlfriend’s pregnant belly on Instagram with the caption “coming soon.”