Chance The Rapper claims he was discriminated against at a Chicago amusement centre

The rapper tweeted the centre was "inaccessible if you're black or friends with black people"

Chance The Rapper has said that he was discriminated against on a recent visit to an amusement centre in his hometown of Chicago.

The rapper said he was made to feel unwelcome by the “new management” of WhirlyBall, a sports bar and game centre, and that the incident was racially-fueled.

As Uproxx reports, the 23-year-old tweeted: “Crazy how I was just treated at @whirlyball. Been coming here for awhile, this new management doesn’t know how to treat customers”.

He continued: “Don’t go to @whirlyball it’s very inaccessible if you’re black or friends with black people, they’ve clearly outlined in their dress code”.

WhirlyBall’s dress code prohibits sleeveless shirts, baggy trousers, hats and accessories with “explicit art”, oversized chains and more.

“Don’t bother trying to speak with the MGMT @WhirlyBall the new armed security will make sure you can’t, per managements request,” Chance added.

The company have yet to make public comment on the story.