More than 90 people were taken to hospital during a Chance the Rapper concert

Officers also made around 50 underage drinking referrals.

More than 90 people were hospitalized during Chance the Rapper‘s appearance at Hot 93.7’s Hot Jam concert in Connecticut.

Chance the Rapper was performing at the Xfinity Theatre when authorities had to take over 90 attendees to hospital. Most were suffering from what authorities described as “severe intoxication.”

Hartford Deputy Chief Brian Foley said that the crowd were participating in “tailgating, partying, and excessive alcohol consumption,” adding that the crowd was mostly made up of teens and young adults.

Officers made 50 underage drinking referrals and most of these were issued a summons to appear in court. Other artists on the bill for Hot 93.7’s annual Hot Jam were Kyle, PnB Rock, and ANoyd.

Earlier this month, Chance The Rapper appeared on the long-running Tiny Desk Concert series in the NPR offices to play some tracks and perform a brand new poem.

Chance began the set by announcing that he was a fan of the internet series giving particular shout outs to sessions from Tank And The Bangas and Gregory Porter.

The rapper began with a rendition of ‘Juke Jam’ from last year’s ‘Coloring Book’ alongside his three-piece band and four backup singers.

The Chicago rapper also performed a poem specifically written for the Tiny Desk session called ‘The Other Side’. The first attempt at the poem is interrupted by a loudspeaker announcement.

Chance The Rapper closed his Tiny Desk Concert with a cover of Stevie Wonder’s impeccable ‘They Won’t Go When I Go”.

Recently, Chance The Rapper appeared cap-less as the BET Aeards to deliver a powerful speech as he accepted an award for his humanitarian work.

He said: “I had plans originally to try and tell the world and everybody watching how to make it a better place. To tell everybody in this government that y’all need to let everybody out of jail for selling weed before you start making it legal for people to sell it and make capital off of it.”

“I want to be more involved outside just my community of Chicago. I want to travel overseas and help out people all over the world”.