Chance The Rapper is “convinced” that Donald Trump will win a second term

"I’m convinced that he will win. It’s not any one reason."

Chance The Rapper has said he believes Donald Trump will second a second term as US President, after playing down Joe Biden’s chances of victory.

Speaking in the latest episode of The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast, the Chicago said that Biden’s presumptive nomination as the Democrat candidate comes as America faces a “fork in the road”.

“I feel like there’s a fork in the road, like a black hole. I feel like I could change the course of history right now with a certain answer,” he said.


“I’m just going to be honest: I don’t think that Joe Biden will win in November. I don’t. I felt like Trump was gonna have two terms since the beginning of his first term. Just because of what I know about politics. What my dad always used to say is you have to energise the base.”

He added: “So, it’s not about getting people to vote against something, even though you do want to create a clear opposition and create fear of something, but it’s mainly about getting somebody to vote for something. From his first month in office, Trump was already holding campaign rallies, filling up arenas full of misguided folks. And I think he’s been running his re-election campaign for three years.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. CREDIT: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

When asked if he really thinks Trump will win this year’s election, Chance The Rapper responded: “I’m convinced that he will win. It’s not any one reason. It’s not because he’s some super genius, and it’s not because America is overwhelmingly racist, and it’s not because Joe Biden is the worst candidate that the Democratic National Committee could have picked.

“A big part of it is we don’t feel represented. The folks who are the most disenfranchised, I just feel like we were not represented by the D.N.C., and we haven’t been for a while. I think we get shamed into voting for people sometimes by the D.N.C.”


His latest comments come after he suggested that he trusts Kanye West more than he does Joe Biden.

Earlier today (July 13) West took to Twitter to share a new song and video, ‘Donda’, named after his late mother and shared in honour of her birthday.

Chance responded to his fellow Chicagoan’s tweet, writing: “And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh.”