Chance The Rapper says his dad didn’t approve of his career in rap

His decision to pursue music after high school caused "friction"

Chance The Rapper has revealed that his father initially disapproved of his rap career.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, the Chicago artist – real name Chancelor Johnathan Bennett – recalled working on a poetry project in the fourth grade, which led him to “fall in love with hip-hop” soon after.

“And then I started recording,” Chance remembered. “And when I was probably 14, my cousin had his own studio that I got to go to. I just always loved it and always was like, ‘This is gonna be my thing’.”


Asked whether his family were supportive of him wanting to become a rapper, Chance replied: “I don’t know if they were supportive of it, but it was understood. People knew that I rapped since I was a kid.”

He went on to reveal that there was “friction” between him and his dad (Ken Williams-Bennett) after he graduated from high school due to Chance’s decision not to go to college or get a job in favour of a career in music.

“But after we separated for a while we got back together and he really helped just guide me in terms of the amount of work and focus I needed to work on it from a business side. And he still is doing that to this day.”

Chance added: “But at the beginning, my dad did not want me to be a rapper.” You can watch the full conversation above.


Earlier this year, Chance collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song ‘Holy’. An acoustic version of the joint track arrived earlier this month alongside an accompanying official video.

Chance The Rapper shared a half-hour virtual concert back in September. Filmed at Ralph Lauren’s flagship Chicago store, the show included live renditions of ‘Summer Friends’, ‘Work Out’, ‘Ballin Flossin’, ‘Let’s Go On The Run’ and ‘Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)’.


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