Chancellor on working with Yuju: “The passion was there 200 per cent”

He had co-written most of the ex-GFRIEND member’s debut solo mini-album

Korean-American singer-songwriter Chancellor has opened up about his experience working with Yuju on her debut mini-album ‘REC.’.

In an interview with Clash Magazine, Chancellor praised the K-pop idol for her passion while recording her first solo project. The singer and producer had helped write and produce several tracks from the record, including its lead single ‘Play’, which was released last month.

“I remember her wanting the best [while working together],” he said of the former GFRIEND member. “Throughout the whole recording process, I was clearly able to see her struggle to make the song sound better, and for me as a producer that is one of the best moments in the studio. The passion was there 200 per cent.”


Chancellor went on to add that Yuju has “so much potential” as a singer-songwriter. “My role was to help her find her comfort zone and execute the ideas that we brainstormed together,” he shared, adding that the star’s “clear” vision had made the process a smooth and easy one.

“I believe that this record was a baby step to enter something special,” he said of Yuju’s debut record. “It only takes that one first step, and the rest is history.”

In her interview with NME, Yuju shared that she had not expected to become so deeply involved in the production of ‘REC.’ “At first, I didn’t really go into it thinking I had to ‘touch’ every single song [on the mini-album],” she revealed. “It just came to me really naturally.”

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