Amazing how a personal crisis can help your career...

For a while back there it looked as if the career of Chante Moore had hit the skids. Although she released the warmly received club-cut, ‘Chante’s Got A Man’ last year, Moore has never achieved the profile she did with her Junior Giscombe sampling classic, ‘Love’s Taken Over’ (1992).

However, Moore ‘s forthcoming album ‘Exposed’ is a return to form and in the pre-publicity surrounding its release, Moore reveals that she is in the process of getting a divorce from her comedy-actor husband Kadeem Hardison (who played Dwayne Wayne in the long-running comedy series ‘A Different World’), Mooretold [url=]www.manhunt.comthat the end of her marriage was a mutual decision:

“We still love each other very much and we’re very happy.” She revealed. “It’s not ugly. We might even get back together.” For the full story behind her marital problems put to music, check out the new album which hits the streets on November 14th.

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