New Charli XCX track ‘Girls Night Out’ unveiled in New York

Track could feature on singer's forthcoming third album

A new Charli XCX song, assumed to be titled ‘Girls Night Out’, has been premiered in New York nightclub Output.

Spin reports that the track was played by the singer’s collaborator SOPHIE during a DJ set. Hear it below via a 90-second fan-recorded video.

‘Girls Night Out’ may feature on Charli XCX’s forthcoming third album, which she last month claimed will be “the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing I’ve done”.

Discussing the collaboration with ID magazine, she said: “I’ve been working with SOPHIE on a few things, he’s incredibly talented. We did a little trip to LA together to hang out and do some writing; I’m really excited about. It’s just ideas at the moment, but hopefully people will hear stuff next year.”

“It’s going to be so different from the last album,” she told the site. “It’s going to be the most pop thing, and the most electronic thing I’ve done. I started working in that way quite naturally, it just happened. This always happens, the second I put out the previous record I’m always over it.”

This year has seen Charli co-star in the video for the Ty Dolla $ign’s single ‘Drop That Kitty’. The track also features a guest spot from the singer Tinashe.