Charli XCX says her free mixtape is ‘essentially a whole new album’

Singer-songwriter also discusses the song she has written for Blondie's new album.

Charli XCX has given an update on her new album and mixtape.

The singer-songwriter said at last night’s VO5 NME Awards that she expects to release a new single, her follow-up to ‘After The Afterparty’, in “about a month”.

However, in the meantime she will give a way a brand new, 10-track mixtape for free.

“It’s just songs that me and AG Cook made in two weeks in LA when I was, like, feeling really depressed,” she explained. “It’s 10 whole new songs basically. It’s [being called] a mixtape so it can go out for free, but it’s essentially an album, a whole new album.”

Because ‘After The Afterparty’ has had a long chart run since it dropped in November, plans for a follow-up single have inevitably been pushed back. “It gives me space to do stuff like the mixtape,” XCX said. “While the label stress about all of that shit, I can just be in the studio, which I like.”

Asked if this also gets frustrating, she replied: “Yes! Yes! Totally! Of course it gets frustrating. But you know, that’s just the game now, I guess. Whatever.”

She also discussed the song she has written on Blondie’s upcoming album ‘Pollinator’.

“It’s actually a song I wrote when I was 15,” she said.  “I actually haven’t heard their final version of it yet but of course I’m super excited  – it’s Blondie, that’s huge!”

Watch the full video interview with Charli XCX above.

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