Charli XCX shares new song ‘After the Afterparty’ featuring Lil Yachty

'After the Afterparty' was produced by PC Music's Sophie

Charli XCX released new song ‘After the Afterparty’ today, marking her first new music since the release of the ‘Vroom Vroom’ EP back in February.

The song features Georgia rapper Lil Yachty and was also produced by PC Music’s Sophie.

Speaking to SPIN, Charli XCX said that the collaboration came about after she contacted Lil Yachty via Twitter DM, and learned that he liked her previous album ‘Sucker’. “It annoys me when people are like, ‘Oh he can’t rap,’” Charli said of Yachty.

She continued, “We’re not in a time where rappers are all about having the best all time flow, or that old school flow. I love the way that he raps but I also love the way that he presents himself in his videos and that he’s this creative force.”

‘After the Afterparty’ is taken from Charli XCX’s forthcoming album. She is yet to announce its title or release date.

Speaking to The Evening Standard earlier this year, the singer described the album as “the most pop thing I’ve done”.

“I’m going to be putting a record out soon and it’s going to be the most pop thing I’ve done,” she said. “I’m just finishing it but I can’t say anything yet. I’ve been in LA chilling and it’s great to be back in London.”

Earlier this year, Charli XCX helped Cartoon Network launch the return of beloved cartoon The Powerpuff Girls. Ending a decade ago, the show returned to the channel with an all-new theme song by Tacocat. Charli XCX took to the streets of London to declare her love of the girls and their adventures.