Charli XCX announces ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ livestream Boiler Room concert

The charity event takes place next week

Charli XCX has announced that she will be taking part in a Boiler Room livestream event for her new album, ‘How I’m Feeling Now’.

Due to take place on August 13 at 11pm BST, the one-off event will include performances of songs from the pop star’s recent quarantine album, a conversation with Charli, and a DJ set with special guests.

Tickets are on sale now for $5.00. All proceeds from the event will go to the LA Alliance for Human Rights, which tackles the homelessness crisis in California.


Sharing the news on Twitter, Charli wrote: “Angels! I’m doing a digital live show & live chat of how i’m feeling now on @boilerroomtv. Access to the event will be thru a paid web portal to fundraise for LA Alliance for Human Rights. Tix are $5, all proceeds going to the organisation.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Boiler Room website.

Last month, Charli XCX has announced a new documentary called 6ft Apart, which chronicles the making of her latest album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’.

The singer-songwriter released the record in May after giving herself a strict 40-day period in which to create an album from scratch during coronavirus isolation. ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ was made with help from her fans and collaborators including A.G. Cook and 100 Gecs‘ Dylan Brady.

6ft Apart is described in a press release as depicting how the project would “become a cathartic lifeline for both Charli and the ‘Angels’ [her fanbase], and a welcome distraction for the wider music world. We witness both the artistic brilliance and mental sacrifice of Charli’s constant pursuit for innovation as she pushes herself to her limit while battling with her relentless obsession with work.”


Meanwhile, Charli XCX has spoken candidly in a new interview about living with feelings of anxiety during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about the making of her new album, Charli talked about how she’s been faring mentally during the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s been up and down like most things during this time: especially the first two or three weeks I was very focused, really happy. I’d found my purpose in this time,” she said in reference to her new record. “I’d found something that I loved to do and I desired to do the second I woke up.

“And then like week four and now I feel anxious, and overall I just realised this quarantine time has kind of reconfirmed something that I already knew about myself, which is that I am a workaholic… I love my job, I want to do it all the time, but [with] a self-punishing [mentality] of like work-myself-into-the-ground, can’t sleep at night, punish myself if I don’t complete things that are on my list… get angry if things don’t go the way I want.”