Charli XCX calls on fans to vote for party “who support LGBTQ rights and minorities” in upcoming general election

"Make sure your voice is HEARD"

Charli XCX has called on her fanbase to “get out there and vote” in the upcoming general election, urging her followers to back a party “who support minorities”.

The ‘Gone’ pop star, who released her album ‘Charli‘ in September, took to Twitter earlier this afternoon (December 4) to share a lengthy message captioned: “POLITICAL TWEET”.

“UK angels, please make sure you use your voice in this month’s general election,” she said, adding that it’s still possible to register to vote via proxy up until 5 pm this evening.


“Make sure your voice is HEARD.”

XCX went on to explain that although it’s difficult to sum up her own political stance via short tweets, she wanted to encourage her fans “to vote for a party who support LGBTQ rights” and minorities, while also aiming to tackle environmental issues, the education system, and “the absolutely ridiculous gender pay gap”.

“Your voice can make a difference to our country and the lives of all the people in it. Get out there and vote,” she concluded.

See Charli XCX’s full message in the above tweet.

This comes after Dua Lipa took to social media earlier this week to reveal that she would be supporting Labour in the December 12 election. “This is the most important election in a generation and YOUR vote counts,” the singer said.


Stormzy, meanwhile, has been praised by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for urging his fans to register to vote. The ‘Vossi Bop’ artist’s call on fans resulted in a huge surge in registrations last week.

“Thank you for helping bring about change to the lives of millions,” wrote Corbyn on Twitter.

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