Charli XCX says she’s already started work on her next album

The artist only released her third studio album 'Charli' last month

Charli XCX has confirmed that she has already begun writing new music for her next album.

Her latest studio album ‘Charli’, the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s ‘Sucker’, was only released on September 13. Prior to that, she dropped two mixtapes — ‘Number 1 Angel’ and ‘Pop 2’ — back in 2017.

But it appears that Charli is already working on her next project, telling fans on Twitter on Monday (October 14) that there wouldn’t be a deluxe version of ‘Charli’ coming as she’d already moved on to focusing on her next album.


“If there was a deluxe version the cover would probs be something like this,” she wrote in reference to the tweet’s accompanying picture, which displayed an alternative album cover to what eventually ended up as the artwork for ‘Charli’.

“There isn’t a deluxe, I’m already making the next one tbh,” she then added.

The stunt-packed video for the ‘Charli’ track ‘White Mercedes’ was released last week, showing the artist singing from a suspended sports car.

A later scene in the video sees the car going up in flames, and some fans expressed concern that the video shoot had caused unnecessary air pollution.


Charli moved to swiftly clarify, however, that the car had in fact been “completely emptied of all its oil and toxic liquids” and that the “black smoke and heavy fire [was] made by special effect liquid they use for cinema”.

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