Watch Charli XCX and Jimmy Fallon perform a mash-up of Depeche Mode and Icona Pop

We just can’t get enough

Charli XCX has teamed up with comedian/talk-show host Jimmy Fallon to deliver a mash-up of Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and the hit Charli wrote for Icona Pop, ‘I Love It’.

The pair performed the mash-up live during a recent episode of Fallon’s The Tonight Show, which aired on Wednesday night (September 25). Fallon – decked out in a wig and leather jacket – kicked things off with the Depeche Mode song before Charli came in with ‘I Love It’. Watch it below:


‘I Love It’ was initially a Charli composition before the singer gave it away to the Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop. The track was co-written by Charli and her frequent collaborator Patrik Berger during a session for her own album.

“I don’t regret giving it away. [Icona Pop are] totally owning it,” Charli told NME in a 2013 interview. She also added that she wrote the melody and lyrics for ‘I Love It’ in 30 minutes. 

Icona Pop released their version in 2012 and the song became the group’s breakout hit. The duo’s rendition featured additional production from hitmaker Linus Eklöw (aka Style Of Eye) and vocals from Charli herself. 

“The original was more cute, in a way,” Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt told NME. “Charli’s vocal was really cool and cocky, but we wanted the track to sound more Icona Pop so we took it to another producer called Style Of Eye. He made it exactly how we wanted it to sound.”

Charli dropped off her third studio album ‘Charli’ earlier this month. Meanwhile, Icona Pop released their song ‘Next Mistake’ in July, the first single from their upcoming as-yet-untitled LP for Ultra Records.