Charli XCX tells critics of new single: “I’m living my best life – and that’s the tea”

She responded to some fans on Twitter who aren't impressed by her latest outing

Charli XCX has responded to critics of her new single ‘Baby‘, saying that she’s unaffected by negative comments and is “living my best life”.

The pop singer, who yesterday (March 1) released the latest cut from her forthcoming album ‘CRASH’, sent a series of tweets in which she addressed some poor reception to it.

One fan called her “mother”, to which she said: “If u wanna throw around midlife crisis fucking throw it at me. I’m getting older, I’m getting hotter, my tits are stunning, I’m in great shape, I’m dancing, I’m progressing and I’m living my best life – and that the tea.”


The fan in question had written: “These charli singles so far…. not doing it for me whatsoever, but she’s still in my mother list.” Later, the fan clarified that she meant “mother” as an endearing term: “when i called u mother i meant ur like a SUPREME, not old i promise.”

Charli also wrote: “Again – not bothered that some people will always have their preferred eras etc (that’s why it’s fun being an angel – there’s so much variety) – but if you don’t think baby is a bop then… idk that’s just v suspicious to me…”

In addition, Charli responded to stan “theories” that she was being “forced to dance” in the ‘Baby’ music video. “Also – to answer other interesting theories below – no i’m not being forced to dance – totally my choice and one of the most liberating and fun decisions I’ve ever made,” Charli wrote.

And in a since-deleted tweet, Charli wrote: “Bitch BYE. I will NEVER understand what possesses people to be such C*NTS online.”


The news follows Charli announcing last month that she was temporarily stepping back from social media to focus on improving her mental health.

She said that she was taking a break due to the “negativity” surrounding her current campaign, which is promoting her fifth album that’s dropping on March 18.

Meanwhile, ‘Baby’, which follows Charli’s recent collaboration ‘Beg For You’ with Rina Sawayama, is “about great sex”, the singer said in a new interview.